I wrote a grant proposal for the Pepsi Refresh Project to get classroom libraries all over my school. I could really use some support and votes. I work in a poor area, and my students don't have access to books at home. Here's the link:

Please take a minute to vote. It would mean a lot to me and my students. You can vote once a day until June 30 at midnight.

If your school needs money for a project, I also recommend trying out your own proposal.

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Hi, I just got an ESL position which is English as a Second language.
I've never taught it and i don't know what to do on the first day. although i do have the qualification for it. i've mostly been in special education classes. and i think its easier than i think it is but i'm making it hard for myself by thinking about it.

*** I have to make up my own schedule and schedule it around the other grade 6,7, and 8 teachers. any suggestions? i know this is usually a leadership role..but i'm not quite sure how to start this year off. any suggestions for programing for esl? any suggestions for assessments for the beginning of the year? i don't even know how to use our esl program that updates students..
what should i be looking for in their osr's? ontario student records? or files? any other thoughts or ideas would be welcomed and very much appreciated.

I'm pulling my hair out. i don't know how to start the first day or what to do on the first day. or what classes i will be seeing. i have to organize all this myself. i'll be in the school this thursday but wont have any access to student information or anything b/c i'm not set up yet.
I will not be in a classroom. I will probably pull the kids out.. what do i do? do you team teach?

***my principle has asked me to make up a letter for the parents and i don't know what to write in this letter.. i don't know if its a welcome letter.. or an introductory letter about my program or what to expect as a new student to the school or the country. or if it should be about community resources..and such. any suggestions?

***my principle also asked me if i would feel comfortable presenting to the staff as it is a mix of new and old teachers and many don't know anything about teach english language learners.. ell or esl its all quite the same and quite different.. but whatever. any ideas or resources that i could refer to?
how would you create an interesting or interactive seminar for your peers? any advice for a new teacher?

i know i would probably be responsible for programing for language arts and then making modifications or accomodations for the others subjects such as science, math and social studies. any ideas or resources would be great.

Update to challenging question of food fights!

As promised, an update. Sorry this took so long, but we were busy winding up the school year and I wasn't able to find out the results for certain.

The cameras were on. Five students were caught on tape starting to throw food. They all received three days out-of-school suspension.

I was told that a change in lunch menu couldn't be made because of too many issues, which I believe from all the feedback that I received ranged from problems with issues of possible food allergies, to issues with trying to switch up the menu--money and wasting food food already ordered, plus a couple of other possible issues, including potential legal .

The last day of school I heard there was a simplier menu, but I did not get to see for myself. I never made it into the cafe that day.

I do appreciate all of the suggestions that everyone gave.


challenging question

I teach, but am hoping to go into administration soon. Recently our school has had a couple of food fights--one in 4th per. lunch and one in 5th per. lunch.

I mentioned to our principal that I thought an apt punishment would be p & b or balogna sandwiches for about a month. She said that it would take too much planning, which I didn't understand.

The last fight was REALLY bad. I wasn't there, but my room is close by. I heard that practically everyone in there (students and teachers) got food all over their clothes and hair.

Mention was made that hopefully the cameras would catch those who started it. All I know is that this fight was SO much worse than the last.

I was curious if anyone had any suggestions they found to be effective in this type of situation?

Thanks to any and all.


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Hi, I’m looking into taking the tests to gain a temporary teaching certification in the state of Florida for the 2007-2008 school year while I work on my masters in elementary education at UCF. I know you have 3 years to earn your masters before your temp certificate expires.

I was wondering if there are any Florida teachers who have or know anyone who has gone thru this process. How soon can you take the test? Do you have to go about applying for jobs a different way? Osceola County is my top choice to work in, but I wouldn’t mind Orange County either.

Also any advice or information you can give me would be awesome.

Thank you so much for everything in advanced!!

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so i'm an lto and my vp has evaluated and is still working on the evaluation
because i'm lacking many skills as a teacher. i feel that university didn't fully prepare me for it and now i'm working double time..
I did supply teaching but teachers never left detailed notes so i haven't got a clue about evaluation and assessment

basically, i'm team teaching and i don't know what i'm doing
i'm copying what my partner is doing, but she's told me that i don't have to mark everything.'
but now because of my crappy evaluation, i have to asses the kids on everything and i'm totally and completely lost.

i have to do evaluation and assessment for report cards but i don't know how to do it
I could use checklists, make rubrics, use anecdotal observation sheets, evalute group work
in peel they mark students on a combination of things that they "say write and do"
how do i find the time to mark down things during my teaching time????
i'm supposed to be circulating within the classroom. how can i take two minutes to write this stuff down? but i guess i have to..
and there's so much drama in my class..
this kids trying to get that kid in trouble and then they have to resolve their conflict. but i'm brought into it and i tell them to discuss their issues outside but then it ends up in screaming fights and people crying and my 7-8 year olds have very few social skills. they do not have conflict management skills. and how do i find the time to teach my kids these things when it's not in the curriculum??? their tiffs cut into my teaching time and are putting me behind.

these grade 2 kids totally lack iniative. if we're doing language and they've forgotten their book at home b/c they didn't complete their homework.. then they just sit there like lumps on a log.. untill eventually a light bulb shines in their head and they ask me what they're supposed to do in this situation...
are all grade 2 not self - sufficient and as inept as mine???
becuase i taught grade 2 last year in another city and they weren't as lacking skills as these ones.. is it just this region?

and another thing... why are primary classess so big??? i thought there was a 20 student cap... but classes are much larger here. what gives?


Mods, feel free to delete this post if it is too off topic, and I apologize if it is. :)

I have a question for those of you in the teaching profession. I am 25 and I have my BA in English and Theatre. I did not take any teacher certification while I was in college (against the recommendation of my advisor) because I couldn't see myself teaching. I have had several different Secretarial type positions since I graduated 3 years ago and I really don't see my career going in a productive direction. I started researching the teaching profession because one of my friends from college, in a similar situation, decided that teaching was right for her and is now almost finished with her Masters in Education. At first I wasn't too keen on the idea, but now, the more I look into it and think about it, the more I'd like to teach middle (or high) school English/Literature/Drama. This is where my question comes in: I am unsure of how to do this. My state is despereate for teachers and they offer a "on the job training" program with a temporary certificate, where I would be teaching while taking classes towards a perminent certificate. My local state university also offers a Masters program. I am unsure of which path to follow.

What do you think? I was pretty much told that if I were to apply for teaching positions, I would almost certainly be hired for fall. I am concerned that I will "be behind" someone of similar background who might have actually gone to school for teaching before attempting it (masters or otherwise). However, trying to get my masters degree might take a few years to complete and I would take out loans, since I definately cannot afford it outright. But I want to go about this the "right" way. Does anyone have any thoughts or advice on this? I'd really appreciate it. Either way I go, I need to do something soon while the schools are starting to hire and the college is accepting applications.

Thanks in advance.